Bug Repelling Plants



I can’t think of anything better than strategically placing bug repelling plant in my back yard. If you have an issue with insects joining your family BBQ, this post is definitely for you.

In no particular order, here are the top bug repelling plants to try:

  1. Petunias
  2. Basil
  3. Marigolds
  4. Lavender
  5. Rosemary
  6. Mint
  7. Catnip
  8. Chrysanthemums
  9. Alliums
  10. Lemongrass

Additional Tips:

  • Remove any standing water
  • Keep food covered when eating outside
  • Keep trash covered
  • Cucumber slices and chalk are effective ant repellants

I hope that you found these tips to be beneficial. Comment below and let me know if you have tried any of the plants or additional tips to ward off bugs.

Seasonal Lawn Care Guide







Lets face it, there is something amazing about riding in a neighborhood looking at all of the well manicured lawns and wondering how they stay so perfect from season to season, while you struggle with weeds and more.

Below is a guide that will assist you in creating lawn envy.

When it comes to lawn care, timing is everything. Here is a rule of thumb to follow to keep your lawn in tip top shape from season to season.

  • SPRING-This is the time of the year that you want to mow regularly to prevent cutting more than 1/3 of the grass. Try to keep the lawn at the same height.
  • SUMMER- Keep a nice green lawn during the summer time to enjoy family BBQ & some relaxation in the sun. Avoid cutting your grass too short during this time of the year as you want to avoid your grass from losing nutrients from the heat.
  • AUTUMN- Ensure that you avoid leaves from piling up and that you aerate your lawn during this time of the year. We want to avoid drainage issues.
  • WINTER- I like to think of this time of the year as down time for the lawn. Less is more. This is the time of the year to secure a lawn company, get your lawn tools serviced and to relax after the hard work and diligent from spring to autumn.

I hope that this has shed some light on when to do what. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have been on target or totally missing the mark for seasonal lawn care.


Say Goodbye to Weeds

If you are like 70% of other homeowner, you likely have suffered from unwanted plants known for popping up in your lawn. Weeds can be unsightly, and a down right pain in the butt for most individuals to get rid of.

Beyond the vain reasons of not wanting weeds to grow in your yard, they can also be detrimental to the healthy growth of turf grass.

Stop the weeds for good and here is how:

Reseeding and Fertilizing

A regularly scheduled program of reseeding and fertilizing your lawn can contribute to your lawn’s overall health, helping it discourage weed growth.

Proper Mowing

Mowing high (generally about 3” high) can help prevent weeds from taking root. Taller grass helps regulate the soil temperature, retain moisture, and shade weed seeds.

Proper Watering

Deep, infrequent waterings (once a week should usually suffice) encourages deep root growth. Weeds tend to have shallower roots, making it hard for them to compete with healthy grass for sun, water, and nutrients.

Hand Pulling

A dreaded task for any homeowner, is actually a quick, effective method of weed removal. This method is best employed with early signs of weed growth, before the spread has gotten out of control. Remember to pull a weed out by the root to ensure its complete removal.


Most commonly available in spray form, herbicides are a popular do-it-yourself removal technique. Just attach the bottle to your hose and apply to your lawn. Always read the instructions carefully before administering herbicide treatments and consider the following factors before purchasing:

  • Children and pets must be kept away from the treated areas after applying.
  • Herbicides should not be applied on windy days.
  • Ensure that the herbicide is safe for use on your lawn. Using the wrong kind of product can do irreparable damage to your grass!


Weeds thrive in compacted soil, so regularly aerate your lawn to help decrease their growth.

Who Moved My Lawn Mower?

Let’s be frank, no one is usually jumping up and down when it is time for their lawn to be mowed. In fact, is is often the opposite that is true. Individuals often find themselves wanting to do more to keep their lawn well manicured. Let’s face it, after working 40+ hours a week and doing all that is required to take care of the household, there is hardly space left in our schedules to eat… so I am pretty sure that mowing the lawn is probably the lowest  priority for most individuals.

Believe me, I was the same way poor to starting this amazing company. Now with affordable and professional services, you no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn before it gets too warm out to do your own lawn maintenance.m. You no longer have worry about moving the year, instead spend your evening with your legs elevated while watching your favorite TV Show… leave the rest to us.

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