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"Take the Step to Entrepreneurial Success"

Want to become a SUCCESSFUL Lawn Care Business Owner?
Thinking of Launching Your Startup?
Want to Make Sure that It SURVIVES, THRIVES AND GROWS?
Worried What if You Don't Succeed? What if You Fail? What if You Can't Build Your Dream Empire?
Looking for Definite Entrepreneurial Success?
Wondering How to Start?
If these are all the questions that are going through your mind and giving you sleepless nights, worrying you about whether or not you should start your business venture, then let me tell you that you're not the only one going through this dilemma. There are tens of
thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs out there who WANT TO MAKE IT BIG and
BECOME LEADING ENTREPRENEURS in LAWN CARE but unfortunately only a handful of them achieve what they desire while the rest just watch others eat the big piece of the PROFIT PIE.
And I believe that you are here because you want to become a successful lawn care
entrepreneur and run a profitable business. You're looking for the ULTIMATE GUIDANCE to get set on the road to success. You want to BE 100 PERCENT CONFIDENT that the Step you're taking and the business venture you are about to start remains solvent and becomes bigger and better year after year.

Indeed, there is no business without risk but you need to take the right steps and
implement the right strategies to confidently take your business to greater heights. This calls for
You need to gain the right skill-set and develop business acumen to grow a profitable lawn care business. Normally, this takes years but don't worry, I CAN TEACH YOU ALL THIS in JUST 6 WEEKS! I can help you take control and start your business venture with confidence.
Unlike other industries, lawn care is different. You need to develop a solid understanding of how to operate in this industry and recognize seasonal opportunities to keep cash flowing.

I'm Angela Chambers, a business coach and successful entrepreneur of the industry's
leading full-service lawn care company, LasTop Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Inc. After completing my Master's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies, I purchased LasTop.
Leveraging on my industry experience and education, I was able to generate receipts over ½ million dollar from the year I purchased the company. I started my entrepreneurial
journey in 2006 and have never looked back ever since. Over the years, I developed LasTop into a full-service lawn care company specializing in core aerating & seeding, snow/ice
removal, property preservation and leaf removal. My company caters to both residential and commercial owners in and around Tulsa Metro area.
Did you know that 3 out of 10 businesses fail in their startup stage? This is not just a statistic that I am sharing here with you; I have seen this happening. Serving the industry for over 10 years now, I have seen many lawn care companies come and go.
Many aspiring and passionate business owners who fail in their early stages often sell their businesses to other entrepreneurs so that they can exit the industry.
Watching numerous entrepreneurs fail made me want to do something about it. And this is how and why I have launched my coaching program 'LasTop Lawn Care Empire'. I've put
together my wealth of lawn care business experience, deep industry knowledge and
expertise to create and devise this coaching program. It aims to teach and train aspiring
industry entrants and new entrepreneurs on how to build and sustain a successful lawn care business.

Based on six COMPREHENSIVE and WELL-DEVISED modules, LasTop Lawn Care Empire serves as a clear ACTION PLAN that provides participants detailed understanding and
guidelines on not just how to plan and strategize for success but also what actions to take in order to take your business to greater heights.
In this coaching program, I will share with you RESULT-DRIVEN business strategies, BEST tips, PROVEN techniques along with Do's and Don'ts, Business Challenges, Mistakes to Avoid and My Wisdom to help you launch your lawn care startup successfully and ensure that it
survives, thrives and grows over the years, transforming into a BUSINESS EMPIRE with a strong brand identity.
You Can Enroll For Just $349!

You and I, we will start by understanding the importance of team building. This module will navigate you through why you need to have the right people on board who are likeminded and share the same values as you. After developing the basic understanding, I will show you how you can build a winning team, much needed to take your business to newer


Being an entrepreneur myself, I know that many new business owners often like to take the shortcut to success overlooking the bigger picture and this often kills their dream of
building a business empire. In this module, I will share with you insights, secrets and
importance behind strategic bidding and landing contracts that can help you build a lawn care empire that you want, desire and deserve. Based on my experience and knowledge, I will share with you the cycle of business and show you the right way to achieve your big dream and enjoy long-term success.


For startups, the biggest challenge is the survival. Many businesses in lawn care industry often fail because they fail to manage their finances properly. They get burdened with debt and bad credit which lowers their business credibility. And because of bad credit, they are unable to get more credit to cope with their operating cost and eventually go bankrupt. To avoid being in this situation, it is extremely important for new entrepreneurs to understand and learn the art of managing their company financials. This is exactly what I will train you for in this module. This module will navigate you through the steps of building and
maintain good credit.


As a business owner, it is important to have a good grip and understanding on how to
negotiate deals with city and state agencies. Module 4 of this program focuses on teaching participants the art of negotiation. I will walk you through the process and help you
understand the potholes that can possibly bankrupt your business.


Lawn care business is all about planning. You need to plan, organize and strategize
according to seasonal changes to keep the income flowing. As an industry expert, I will help you recognize and tap the opportunities in each season and share with you 12 month
contracts that can help you grow your customer base and increase brand visibility.


Regardless of the industry, branding is the key element of every business. Branding helps you create a long lasting impression on the audience, and build a strong identity. And most importantly, it helps you secure a winning edge over the competition. In module six, I will teach you some proven brand building strategies and help you start turning your customers into lawn care brand advocates.


Think about it.

This is your opportunity to learn the formula for lawn care business success from the leading industry professional herself. This is your chance to find out where you're going wrong and what you need to do to get set on the path to success.

My coaching program will help you develop the skills you need to take control of your business. In this program, I will teach you how to build your winning team, explain the stages of startup growth andchallenges, how to overcome financial stress, and also build and maintain good business credit.

This is your ONLY opportunity to find out the 5 C's of good credit, learn the art of
negotiation, get industry insights from me such as opportunities to tap in every season and 12 month contracts that win.