Demolition List

Is your property or a property you are interested in purchasing on the Demolition List published by the City of Tulsa?

The Housing Opportunity Partnership is a new program launched by the City of Tulsa to address over 300 vacant, abandoned and uninhabitable properties that are in such disrepair they constitute a public nuisance and eligible for demolition.

If you are a community development housing organization, non-profit, developer, realtor, property owner interested in transforming uninhabitable structures into safe decent housing or building new housing for Tulsans, please click the link below for a copy of the demolition property case list

Note: The city is not acquiring these properties; rather we’re ensuring structures that lead to neighborhood instability are addressed. 

Verify before you buy!

Clean Up, Don’t get the FINE!

“I didn’t know is not a defense.” You are responsible for maintaining your property. The Neighborhood Inspections, a section of the Working In Neighborhoods Department, enforces nuisance and zoning ordinances to help prevent deterioration of neighborhoods and help maintain the highest safety and health standards. If you are a resident or owner of properties in the City of Tulsa, enforcement applies to you.

“Yearly, Tulsa Neighborhood Inspectors investigate approximately 22,000 violations of nuisance and zoning ordinances identified through more than 14,500 complaints.” (City of Tulsa, 2020)

LasTop Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping, Inc. (LasTop) has been a trusted contractor with the City of Tulsa since 2006 and has been a contractor with Working In Neighborhoods Department since July, 2013. There are no exemptions, if you property is located within the city limits, you must comply.

Let us help! We will mow, remove trash and debris, drain stagnant water or board unsecured openings. If you receive a notice from the City of Tulsa regarding the nuisances on your property you have 10 days to correct the problem. If you are unable to do so, give LasTop a call 918-794-5150 or request an estimate via our website. You may also request and pay for an extension with the department. Some restrictions apply.

We’re Accepting Applications

We made many great changes to our company, including our wages and benefits. We are building something GOOD! 🎁 If you are looking for a career in lawn maintenance/property preservation🌿, consider LasTop Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping, Inc (LasTop). With growth comes expansion, we are seeking qualified individuals to join our team.

At minimum you must possess the following:

  • Lawn care experience
  • Valid drivers license
  • Authorization to work in the United States

Please note that you are responsible for submitting a current background check from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department.

Click here to submit an application for employment.

Call us at 918-794-5150 for additional questions.

We are accepting applications for the following:



The Importance of Raking

“Is it necessary to rake leaves off the lawn?” is a question that many of us have asked. Some of them look rather pretty lying on the grass and are not a bother. Furthermore, they are, unquestionably, natural. If your neighbors are out there raking leaves all the time, you may well question whether they are simply guilty of being neat-freaks.

It’s a Concern of Lawn Health, not Sleekness

The reason for raking leaves pertaining to lawn health; it is not simply an appealing choice.

You have possibly heard that lawns, too, have to ” respire,” and that they can be suffocated if a thick layer of leaves is left on top of them over the winter, causing problems such as snow mold. That is true, but it is only part of the reason why we rake lawns.

Leaves Fall on the Parade of Cool-Season Grasses

Most lawns in the Northern U.S. are composed of one or more”Cool-season” lawn grasses are so called because they are most active during those periods of the year when moderately cool weather predominates.

Fall is one of those times. As we prepare for fall this is something that is important to keep in mind.

Fortunate with sufficient sunlight, nutrients and water, and enjoying temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot, cool-season grasses revitalize themselves in fall. This is when they must “make hay,” strengthening their root systems.

But a thick layer of fallen leaves can obstruct the growth of these grasses. Why? Because they can rob the grass of one of the key elements, sunlight. If not raked in a timely manner, a thick and/or knotted layer of fallen leaves produces excessive shade over the grass below.