Clean Up, Don’t get the FINE!

“I didn’t know is not a defense.” You are responsible for maintaining your property. The Neighborhood Inspections, a section of the Working In Neighborhoods Department, enforces nuisance and zoning ordinances to help prevent deterioration of neighborhoods and help maintain the highest safety and health standards. If you are a resident or owner of properties in the City of Tulsa, enforcement applies to you.

“Yearly, Tulsa Neighborhood Inspectors investigate approximately 22,000 violations of nuisance and zoning ordinances identified through more than 14,500 complaints.” (City of Tulsa, 2020)

LasTop Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping, Inc. (LasTop) has been a trusted contractor with the City of Tulsa since 2006 and has been a contractor with Working In Neighborhoods Department since July, 2013. There are no exemptions, if you property is located within the city limits, you must comply.

Let us help! We will mow, remove trash and debris, drain stagnant water or board unsecured openings. If you receive a notice from the City of Tulsa regarding the nuisances on your property you have 10 days to correct the problem. If you are unable to do so, give LasTop a call 918-794-5150 or request an estimate via our website. You may also request and pay for an extension with the department. Some restrictions apply.