No Sweat Lawn Care

Seasonal yard work, for most of us, it’s a love-hate rapport. We take pride in our manicured lawns, but often resent the time it takes away from living our lives

Early To Rise
Starting your lawn care routine as early in the day to safeguard working in extreme temperatures. The early times also leaves time for other activities to enjoy!

Let The Mower Do the Work
With a battery-powered mower, you’ll hardly break a sweat while cutting the grass. These lightweight tools are easier to move than gas-powered mowers, and don’t put off those foul fumes. Before you begin, make sure your mower blade is adjusted to the right height for your grass.

Usually, spring seasons are rainy and grass grows quickly, so you’ll be able to set your blade lower than you would in the height of summer or during a deficiency. Regardless of environmental factors, you never want to cut more than 1/3 of the total grass height as that can leave your lawn susceptible to weeds and breakdown.

To Edge or Not To Edge?
Edging is a personal preference and gives the perfect seal of professionally, well-manicured lawns. We recommend edging along sidewalks, driveways, patios and garden areas to add a finishing touch to your landscape. Depending on the design, the use of landscape edging, or look to the multi-use offered by a strong trimmer can cut back on some of the edging work.

Lawn Projects
It is awesome and rewarding to change out designs however, space them out or complete in phases to deter from being overwhelmed.