Winning the War on Weeds

Weeds are undoubtedly a nuisance and major threat to a pristine lawn. They pop up everywhere and if they go unchecked, weeds will completely take over your lawn. By competing with other plants and grass for nutrients and water, weeds take up space and serve no beneficial purpose to your lawn. No one wants to deal with weeds, but sometimes we neglect to take proper care of our lawns. Maintaining a luscious lawn can be especially tiring when you are a busy person. However, they are some effective ways to deal with weeds that require little time. Here are some tips to mitigate or eliminate a weed infestation:

Create a weeding schedule.

Find a couple of minutes during your lawn maintenance routine to tackle weeds. Attacking your entire yard in a day can be frustrating especially when there are more weeds than there are of you.

Easy Weeding

After good rainfall is the best time to pull weeds. The ground is looser which makes the weeds much easier to pull than in dryer conditions.


Hand pulling weeds takes a lot of work and takes a longer time. By chopping off the heads of the weeds, you can prevent them from reseeding.

Mulch it up

Mulching weed-ridden areas or part of your lawn could reduce the amount of weeds invading your space.

Give it away

If you have exhausted all of your other options. Find a lawn care professional and have them deal with your weed invasion!

Make sure to follow these tips and protect your lawn! If you’re interested in becoming a lawn care professional, we are currently hiring, so feel free to apply!