The Importance of Raking

“Is it necessary to rake leaves off the lawn?” is a question that many of us have asked. Some of them look rather pretty lying on the grass and are not a bother. Furthermore, they are, unquestionably, natural. If your neighbors are out there raking leaves all the time, you may well question whether they are simply guilty of being neat-freaks.

It’s a Concern of Lawn Health, not Sleekness

The reason for raking leaves pertaining to lawn health; it is not simply an appealing choice.

You have possibly heard that lawns, too, have to ” respire,” and that they can be suffocated if a thick layer of leaves is left on top of them over the winter, causing problems such as snow mold. That is true, but it is only part of the reason why we rake lawns.

Leaves Fall on the Parade of Cool-Season Grasses

Most lawns in the Northern U.S. are composed of one or more”Cool-season” lawn grasses are so called because they are most active during those periods of the year when moderately cool weather predominates.

Fall is one of those times. As we prepare for fall this is something that is important to keep in mind.

Fortunate with sufficient sunlight, nutrients and water, and enjoying temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot, cool-season grasses revitalize themselves in fall. This is when they must “make hay,” strengthening their root systems.

But a thick layer of fallen leaves can obstruct the growth of these grasses. Why? Because they can rob the grass of one of the key elements, sunlight. If not raked in a timely manner, a thick and/or knotted layer of fallen leaves produces excessive shade over the grass below.

Homemade -DIY- Weed Killer

This blog is going to be a little different. I found a great recipe for weed killer that is so simple that it is ridiculous.

I am always seeking environmentally safe recipes for weed killers and I must say that this is one of my favorites.


1/4 cup of salt

1 Squire Dawn

Fill the remainder of the bottle with vinegar.

A lot of our clients swear by this recipe, in fact they state that within hours weeds were dead.

Give it a try and comment below and let me know how you liked it.

Seasonal Lawn Care Guide







Lets face it, there is something amazing about riding in a neighborhood looking at all of the well manicured lawns and wondering how they stay so perfect from season to season, while you struggle with weeds and more.

Below is a guide that will assist you in creating lawn envy.

When it comes to lawn care, timing is everything. Here is a rule of thumb to follow to keep your lawn in tip top shape from season to season.

  • SPRING-This is the time of the year that you want to mow regularly to prevent cutting more than 1/3 of the grass. Try to keep the lawn at the same height.
  • SUMMER- Keep a nice green lawn during the summer time to enjoy family BBQ & some relaxation in the sun. Avoid cutting your grass too short during this time of the year as you want to avoid your grass from losing nutrients from the heat.
  • AUTUMN- Ensure that you avoid leaves from piling up and that you aerate your lawn during this time of the year. We want to avoid drainage issues.
  • WINTER- I like to think of this time of the year as down time for the lawn. Less is more. This is the time of the year to secure a lawn company, get your lawn tools serviced and to relax after the hard work and diligent from spring to autumn.

I hope that this has shed some light on when to do what. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have been on target or totally missing the mark for seasonal lawn care.